Travelers traveling with pets often face difficulty finding accommodations. With careful planning and consideration, however, they can find accommodations that suit the needs of their furry companion.

Chain Hotels

If you are traveling with your pet and require accommodations, several hotel chains offer pet-friendly rooms. As they vary both in terms of price and quality, it is essential that you do your research in order to find one that is appropriate.

La Quinta and Holiday Inn hotels often provide cost-cutting options that are ideal for travelers on a tight budget and looking to explore with their furry companions. While their rooms might not be as extensive, these chain hotels make for excellent alternatives that won’t break the bank!

Many hotel chains welcome pets with dedicated staff that will ensure both of you have an enjoyable stay. Many also provide pet-friendly amenities like beds, bowls, treats and poop bags – some even provide dog walking services or concierge lists of restaurants, parks and groomers that accept these furry visitors!

Independent Hotels

Finding accommodations that welcome pets can be difficult when traveling on either vacation or business trips, although many hotel chains offer them. You should conduct extensive research in order to locate the ideal spot for both yourself and your furry companion.

BringFido offers an excellent way of doing just this by providing an up-to-date directory of more than 150,000 pet-friendly hotels across the US and allowing users to easily view fees and weight limits for each hotel listed on its site.

Booking directly through a hotel can also ensure you don’t pay any hidden pet-related charges while on vacation. Make sure to call them ahead of time as this allows you to ask any pertinent questions regarding their specific pet policy and determine whether your cat or dog is allowed in your room.


If you’re traveling with your pet, there are various accommodations to consider. Airbnb allows users to rent small apartments or houses while Vrbo provides villa and condo bookings.

Dependent upon your needs, both options may be worth exploring. Both sites provide access to an impressive variety of vacation rental properties; the main difference being that Airbnb focuses more on home sharing while Vrbo provides larger holiday homes for rent.

Both websites provide guarantees and insurance plans to protect your booking, and help get back your money if cancellation occurs.

Vrbo offers over half a million unique pet-friendly rentals worldwide, such as cabins, beach houses and condos with full kitchens, fenced yards, laundry services and swimming pools – everything needed for the ideal stay for you and your furry friend!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Pet-Friendly restaurants can be an effective way to attract new customers and boost customer satisfaction. Travelers who bring along their pets want the experience of dining out as much as possible; restaurants that allow this can make that possible for them.

An attractive restaurant that welcomes pets can provide your business with free advertising and social media content, as customers enthusiastically spread the news of its pet-friendliness among their networks.

Before opening a pet-friendly restaurant, always check local laws and regulations first. In some areas it may be illegal for animals and food service establishments to coexist, so your insurance may need to change accordingly should an accident happen on premises.

Care should also be taken when considering other diners’ pets, and keeping them away from other patrons and staff members. A leashed, properly trained dog is the best way to prevent accidents from happening.