New Zealand is an adventure and sports enthusiast’s paradise, featuring some of the world’s most thrilling adrenaline activities to get their hearts racing faster.

The Tolkienesque landscape seems tailor-made for adventure in the land that pioneered bungee jumping. Additionally, other heart-thumping experiences exist such as jet boating, zorbing and canyoning that add an additional adrenaline rush.


New Zealand is an incredible playground for sports fans and adrenaline junkies, offering some of the world’s premier outdoor adrenaline activities that will get your blood racing while taking in some breathtaking scenery. These experiences will keep your heart rate racing, making your trip unforgettable.

Bungy Jumping New Zealand was the pioneering place that first introduced commercial bungy jumping, and for good reason! Take the plunge and experience the rush of freefall over stunning landscapes; everything from Kawarau Bridge bungy jumping to jumping out of a helicopter is available as options!

Heli skiing is another fun and exhilarating winter sports experience that combines skiing with helicopter flight. Take the ride up to a snowy hilltop, ski down through thick, rustic snowfall – this provides a memorable change from typical manicured ski resort slopes! For any winter sports enthusiasts this must-do experience is essential.

Queenstown is often considered the adventure capital of New Zealand. Be it taking the plunge from a terrifying canyon swing, zipping through Rotorua forest canopy ziplining, or experiencing one of Franz Josef Glacier’s breathtaking Glacier Heli Hikes; Queenstown offers thrilling experiences galore.

Heli Skiing

Heli skiing in New Zealand is an unforgettable snowsport experience. This extreme winter sport replaces traditional ski lifts with helicopters to take you skiing or snowboarding through breathtaking terrain in this country. Choose from an assortment of heli skiing experiences designed to suit both your skills and budget.

Take an unforgettable scenic flight alongside New Zealand’s glaciers for an exhilarating and memorable experience! Not only will you see some of its most breathtaking landscapes, but professionals here will ensure your safety and comfort throughout your tour so that all you need to focus on having fun is experiencing it!

Methven is located 90 minutes outside Christchurch and provides numerous heliskiing opportunities for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, from beginner to expert skiers and boarders alike. There are over 200 named heli runs spread out across three mountain ranges – some are suitable for novice skiers while others provide challenging avalanche rating terrain. Methven provides guests with a comprehensive safety briefing, including transceivers and equipment, before you board the helicopter and fly out to your first heli run of the day (depending on package); then you board for up to five incredible heli runs (depending on package). Gourmet lunch is included; skis/boards can even be added on at no additional costs if desired – the costs don’t sky rocket!


Canyoning is both challenging and thrilling – offering you a way to explore Mother Nature in an entirely new light. You will descend deep gorges, scramble over boulders, and walk beneath waterfalls – sometimes during winter weather! For this activity to go smoothly it is wise to wear a wetsuit before and after your adventure to keep warm enough.

An adventure sports tour in New Zealand can provide an ideal combination of relaxation and excitement. New Zealand is best known for its breathtaking fiords and world-famous hiking trails such as the Great Walks; however, New Zealand also boasts numerous other exciting activities.

Jet boating, developed here, is one of New Zealand’s favorite water-based thrills and one of the fastest ways to experience its majestic rock faces and river gorges while enjoying its thrilling rush of speed.

New Zealand is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, from its Tolkienesque landscape and dedicated sporting population. Outdoor lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts will all find plenty to keep them active here, from Queenstown’s adrenaline buzz to more remote wilderness destinations – and for the truly adventurous there is always AJ Hackett’s Nevis Bungy which hosts one of the highest bungies worldwide!

Horse Back Riding

New Zealand is an excellent location for adventure sports enthusiasts, not only due to Queenstown. Offering an unrivalled variety of thrilling activities that are sure to get your pulse racing, no matter what time of year or day.

Experience true equestrian adventure on horseback while exploring New Zealand’s beaches, rainforests, and mountaintops. Choose from various boutique rides or join a horse trek/fjord cruise combo tour for the complete New Zealand experience! Skip trot and canter across butter-yellow sand dunes before traveling across lush native forests like you were living your fairytale!

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, give speed riding a try. Think of it like skiing and skydiving combined; speed riding provides an intense adrenaline rush for those willing to push themselves further than ever before.

Lake Wakatipu offers the ideal setting for skiing and mountain trekking during wintertime, while its stunning Southern Alps provide ideal mountainous hiking or even high-altitude adventures such as heli-hikes/heli-ski tours in summertime. If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge provides thrills of bungy jumping!