Experience the natural wonders of New Zealand! From kangaroos hopping across desert landscapes to sperm whales gliding beneath ocean waves, discover rare indigenous wildlife on this unforgettable 18-day tour!

Cap Kidnappers boasts the nation’s largest gannet colony, or you could watch them nest on the coastal cliffs of Muriwai and Muriwai’s scenic coastal cliffs of Muriwai. Take in Akaroa’s historic sights aboard Black Cat Cruises!

Whale Watch Kaikoura

Kaikoura offers some of the finest whale watching opportunities in New Zealand! Situated north of Christchurch, this town features unique marine landscapes that draw whales all year long. Deep underwater canyons create upwellings of nutrient-rich water that draw marine wildlife like Sperm Whales, Minke Whales, Long-Finned Pilot Whales as well as Dusky Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals and Wandering Albatrosses onto an average whale watch trip.

Kaikoura is well known for whale watching tourism, contributing 30% of their economy from this sector alone1. Furthermore, this town stands out as an environmental leader by being among the first communities worldwide to receive both Green Globe Sustainable Tourism Business certification and Qualmark Gold Awards for Sustainable Tourism Businesses in 2021.

Whale Watch Kaikoura provides whale-watching tours from both shore and air, and offers 100% money back guarantees on both land and flight tour options! Their boat tours boast a 95% success rate in seeing whales. As leaders in sustainable tourism practices focusing on animal welfare, these two tours have won both the Qualmark Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award for Excellence – making them some of the most eco-friendly tours available in New Zealand!

Black Cat Cruises

Black Cat Cruises provides an extraordinary way to experience New Zealand’s marine wildlife in their natural environment, offering tours that allow guests to see seals, penguins and Hector’s dolphins among many other marine creatures in their own habitat. Furthermore, kayaking trips along Harrison Cove allow participants to get even closer to the water; summer excursions generally last 6-6.5 hours while 5-5.5 hour expeditions can also be booked during winter seasons.

Swimming with Hectors Dolphins in Akaroa is a dream come true and one of the must-do activities when visiting New Zealand. Your unforgettable encounter will leave an indelible memory that you’ll treasure for years. Black Cat Cruises offer this amazing opportunity from their base in charming historic French Akaroa; include this experience into their Nature Cruise package price; plus part of your ticket sales goes towards research and education of Hectors Dolphins!

Black Cat Cruises is widely recognized as New Zealand’s eco-tourism pioneers and have received multiple awards of excellence. Committed to providing their guests with an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, Yonder recently provided them with a chatbot named Kiri which can respond 24/7 for customer inquiries, freeing up time for them to focus on providing exceptional experiences for customers.

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is an idyllic coastal retreat, featuring golden beaches and lush forests. Perfect for relaxing, walking, kayaking and wildlife spotting – its Abel Tasman Coastal Track is one of New Zealand’s Great Walks but there’s so much else to see and do in this magnificent coastal park!

Kayaking is an engaging way to experience Abel Tasman National Park. You can rent your own kayak and explore on your own, or join a guided tour with a local operator. Abel Tasman provides an idyllic environment for sea kayaking with many beaches accessible at low tide and several estuaries teeming with marine life; furthermore it has numerous estuaries which boast sandy bottoms stained a tea-coloured hue from tannin leaching from forest floors providing food source for native birds and fish alike!

Cruises offer another fantastic way to discover Abel Tasman National Park’s coastline, with several options – such as one running all the way from Kaiteriteri to Totaranui with stops at some of its most breathtaking beaches – available.

Bay of Islands

Take a scenic cruise around New Zealand’s North Island’s stunning bay of around 150 islands for an iconic experience that celebrates Kiwi culture and uncover its beginnings, from charming villages and thrilling day trips, historic missions and natural splendor.

Russell and Paihia form the heart of this region, offering an abundance of recreational activities. Enjoy unspoiled beaches or take in the scenery from a luxury yacht, while for something a little more exciting try parasailing, scuba diving or kayaking.

History-lovers will find plenty to discover here in the townships, such as an intriguing blend of indigenous and European heritage. Visit Christ Church where services were once conducted both in English and Maori; or stop by where representatives from British Crown and Maori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

The Bay of Islands offers an abundance of marine life, from dolphins (often seen all year round) and seals to orcas and Bryde’s whales; all easily visible from the water. Swimming with dolphins in these sparkling waters will undoubtedly be a memorable experience that you will remember fondly for years.