Considering all your travel options is important if you have a pet traveling with you; this will help ensure both of you have an enjoyable journey together.

Preparing your pet for travel, whether by road or air, should begin well in advance of departure. Begin by placing their bed and favorite toys inside their crate to make it seem more like home.

Car Trips

Car trips with your pup can be a fantastic way to explore new areas while strengthening the bond between both of you.

Before traveling with your pet, ensure they are up to date on their rabies vaccination as well as any necessary medical procedures like distemper or parvovirus vaccinations and microchip installation. Also bring any medicines necessary for their health during their trip.

Plan out stops along the road where your pups can find relief and ease any confusion when out and about. This will ensure they remain happy, comfortable, and healthy!

Pack essentials such as poop bags and toys; they will help ensure a cleaner ride and less chaos in the backseat.

Airplane Trips

Traveling with dogs can be stressful, but there are ways you can make their experience less arduous. Begin by making sure they’re settled into their kennel prior to flying.

Ideal scenario would be doing this weeks ahead of your flight so your pup has time to adapt in their home before leaving on their travels, helping them feel more at ease during their flight.

Make sure to contact your airline well in advance to ascertain their pet policies, such as weight and breed restrictions. Some airlines also require a veterinarian’s health certificate so ensure you have this in hand prior to departure.

Train Your Dog

No matter if it’s road tripping, flying, or staying in a hotel room while exploring, here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your pup travels comfortably with you. These will make the journey more enjoyable for both of you while reducing any unnecessary travel stressors.

Begin by training your pet to use a crate, seat belt, or head halter as soon as possible – ideally several weeks prior to travel.

To make the process less traumatic for your canine companion, work slowly and repeatedly, creating positive associations between devices and travel stress relief for both of you.


Traveling with dogs can be daunting, but with careful preparation you can make it far less so. Pack a few essentials to make sure your pup feels at home – start by creating a list of what items might help make their journey less daunting!

Pet ID tags and collar/leash combos are essential, depending on the length of your journey; dog grooming supplies might also come in handy.

Carrying along a dog bed and crate can help your pup feel more at home during travel or hotel stays, decreasing anxiety. In addition, treats or toys may come in handy on long road trips!

For a smooth and enjoyable flight experience with your pet in tow, always check with the airline you are flying with to understand their policies on flying with canines. Many airlines impose size and weight restrictions so make sure to plan ahead!